Essay on Should You Be Treated Like You?

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If not knowing who I am to you anymore isn’t bad enough I don’t even know where I stand on being important to you. You say that you love me but you really don’t treat me like you do. I realize I am not the only person in your life but shouldn’t I be more important than some people at certain times? Don’t I deserve to be treated like I am special to you occasionally? I shouldn’t have to compete for your attention especially when it comes to going out or with friends. If I recall correctly, you and I just got done fighting about the whole going out thing and how disrespectful and rude you were to me when you went to Chicago because you didn’t have time to spend with me but yet you found the time to go hang out with your friends before you left. For the first time ever you and I actually were on the same page (I’m finally won your respect) and you actually agreed with me that you were wrong and then you promised me that this would never happen again but it did. You didn’t even make it two months without breaking your promise to me and then you wonder why I don’t believe anything you say and I fight with you. How am I not suppose to over think things especially when you will never talk to me about anything you always run away? We can never have a mature conversation without you attacking me and getting angry, blaming me for everything or you constantly throwing in my face the other one doesn’t act like this. The other one doesn’t act like this because you go home to her…

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