Essay on Should Year Round School Round Education?

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When individuals think of year-round education, many think that it is an extension of the traditional school year with no breaks and more class time. However, this is not the case. Year-round school systems have the same number of days as any other school system, but the breaks are spread throughout the year differently than the traditional school year. This unchanging view and failure to realize the facts about the system from many people is what makes year-round education a hot topic to debate in terms of whether or not to expand the number of schools who use the system or not. Year-round education can be one of the most beneficial choices for children, as shown in Brigid Schulte’s article, when she describes the benefits her children have in a year-round system compared to a regular calendar, but can also have negative consequences on the family structure itself, as shown in Matthew Lynch’s article. Year-Round education, one of the most extensively discussed subjects throughout the past thirty years, is one topic in which people must be educated so they can make the best decision for their families, schools, and districts, which can only be done by examining both views in the debate and how and why the sources are effective in explaining their views on the subject at hand. When I first chose the topic of year-round education, I thought to myself “I have no idea why I am choosing this topic because I never want to be on a year-round schedule, so why even do the research…

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