Should Women Be Allowed To Serve In Combat

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For many years when people thought about war they associated male with war. Time to time women even disguised themselves as men to serve in combat. In the first World War Russia used one all-female combat unit, then in the second World War, hundreds and thousands of German and British women served in combat but as roles in anti-craft units. They put women in these positions because they were not at risk of being captured. A large scale of women were used near the front as medical staff and political officers in the Soviet Union. There has been an ongoing argument about whether or not women should be allowed to serve in combat. The debate has been divided into two opposing, yet equal arguments: the need for the highest level of military readiness …show more content…
One women could prove that she is better than a man is but at the end of the day the best women is still no match for the best man. Women can not run in 50-80 pounds of gear for as long, as hard, or as fast as a man can. Military is extremely hard for men 's bodies; it is twice as hard on a women 's body. Women and men being in the same units could lead to intimacy. There is no avoiding that due to the fact that it is human nature. This could potentially lead to women becoming pregnant and ruining the unit cohesion. When putting women in the military no one bothers to discuss the physical and emotionally situations that come along with it. A women may start to become scared of men or lose faith in them if she were to be sexually assaulted. Women who decide to go into the military are potentially going to be leaving her children behind. What if she were to wounded or killed on the battlefield? Her children would no longer have a mother. Women do have many strengths and there is a lot of work opportunities for women in the military (The Problems).
Women in combat could possible be a great thing or a bad thing. There are many pros and cons to women being in combat as discussed above. Women who would like to fight for this country should have a right to. Being able to perform strong in training and being able to stick it our through the training should be a women 's ticket into combat. The military should not discriminate against people because at the end of the day they could perform skills better than some males will be able too. This has been an ongoing debate that has been going on for years now that needs to be

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