Should Women Need Better Equality? Essay

1058 Words Oct 26th, 2016 5 Pages
As much as I wanted to be diverse this week I had a hard time getting past the Cooke and Baxter (2010) article. I want to start by addressing an issue that is often overlooked in articles like this one. The issue is that there still are nations in this world that barely look at women as if they are even human. Some of these nations are no third world tribes, but rather the major contributors to the world economy. I don’t bring this point up as a way of saying that women should be happy for what they have here in western society, rather that if the arguments are going to be made that women need better equality, we need to look at women worldwide not just within the narrow focus that only includes nations that are making changes. this article comes off more as if it is criticizing the nations that are changing for not changing enough and completely omits those who refuse to make any change. As far as criticism goes, this article is littered with misleading bias. Eluded to directly and indirectly many times in the article is that the Unites States is behind the curve when it comes to social programs, while the article simultaneously talks about how some of those programs are being adopted by other nations that are contributing more for social assistance. An example is “United Kingdom introduced new employment requirements for single mothers, akin to those found in the U.S. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program.” (p.519) Now speaking of the direct…

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