Should Women Have The Power Of End An Innocent Human Life? Essay

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Should women have the power to end an innocent human life? The answer to that question should very obviously be no, yet that’s what women do legally every single day. In the case of Roe v. Wade that took place in 1973 a pregnant woman, a doctor, and a married couple tried to fight against the law that made abortion illegal claiming that it was unconstitutional (Roe v. Wade - Case Brief Summary). Ever since that case was won, the United States has suffered over 53 million casualties. Those casualties came from the babies who never got a chance to experience life outside of the womb. Even though those children were alive, abortion made it so that they never really got a chance to live.
Life starts at conception, there are several doctors who can confirm that there is biological evidence to support that. According to Dr. Fritz Baumgartner, a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine and former Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Harbor UCLA, a human being is a unique individual with 46 chromosomes who had previously not existed. There is not any other point in a persons life in which you can say that they are a human being and were not before. It’s all about biology, there is no other way to determine whether someone is human or not, an embryo has the same DNA structure as any other person and should be treated as such. In many states abortion is legal up to the 26th week, even though you can see a child forming in the womb before then. The cardiovascular system starts to…

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