Should We Worship On Sunday Or Sunday? Essay

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“Should we worship on Saturday or Sunday”

Today as a practice the New Testament Church meet on Sunday, Did the biblical New Testament Church see Sunday as a replacement for the Jewish Sabbath? The Bible offers the Laws of Moses that command the keeping of the Sabbath, but there no scripture in the New Testament that condemn or punish Sabbath breakers. The New Testament offers the new found Christian Church statements against idolatry, stealing, liars, murderers, covetousness, sexually immorality, but no statements against Sunday worship.
Should we worship on Saturday or Sunday, a question that all Christians have had to answer at one time or another in their Christian Walk, because of their newness and oneness with Christ, they have a new life, a new direction and a new day to worship, the first day of the week, Sunday. Christians are no longer called to the laws of Moses but to the new heights of the law of grace.

The Mosaic Law included the Sabbath commandment; this law was made complete by the coming of Jesus the Christ. The Laws of Moses or the Ten commands, first teach us that there is but one God, and we ought to worship him only. The second commandment teaches that there should be no image of any living creature to worship. The third commandment teaches no one should swear by God in a false matter, the fifth commandment commands that our parents should be honored. The six teach there should be no murder, and the seventh no one should commit adultery. The eighth…

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