Essay on Should We Spend Too Much Time Doing Something?

1305 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
We all spend too much time doing something; sometimes playing Minecraft or tweeting about a failed relationship and how much ice cream is being eaten. Another thing we might be doing too much of is eating or being a workaholic. If we spend too much doing those things, more than likely it is an addiction. Those aren’t normally considered one, but drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and gambling are. All of those combined aren’t nearly as harmful on yourself, others, and your society. One of the weirdest things that we have seen as a society is the diminish of talking to people face to face, in favor of communicating with them through their cell phones and not wanting any emotional subtext to come through. This “weird thing” has exploded the pornography industry and pushed even further the call for pornography addiction to be considered with its brothers and sisters: alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, meth, etc. Donald L. Hilton, Jr. has researched that “recent brain scan studies have not only shown abnormalities in cases of cocaine addiction, but also in cases of pathologic gambling and overeating [causing] to obesity” (3). Psychologists in the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) have failed to recognize that pornography is an addiction, a very serious one. It alters the brain’s chemistry, similar to drug substances, but on a larger scale. Pornography has shown a correlation between porn usage and rape culture; despite all of that behind why pornography should be taken…

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