Should We Rethink Journalists ' Ethical Responsibilities Essay example

1334 Words Nov 30th, 2015 6 Pages
According to Hess and Stephen, the media revolution is changing the whole field of journalism and its ethics. This transformation in media industry is irreversible and very core. It is the citizens that currently dictate the means of publishing, internet has brought new forms of journalism that is very fast and much interactive. The media industry is evolving at a very fast speed. There is currently wider sharing of journalistic space ranging from professional journalist to bloggers to citizen journalist including social media users.
In the midst of every change, new trends will keep emerging while the old markets are being driven out of industry. Professional journalism has suffered a lot since majority of the audience have migrated online. These have send shockwave across the newsroom and many doubts for future of journalism. The question is how should we rethink journalists’ ethical responsibilities to their readers and to each other?

The aspect in focus for now is ethics in the modern day journalism profession. New trends are expected to come with new ethical considerations though not necessarily a huge deviation from the past ethics. Everything new is expected to come with new responsibilities. Ethics in journalism are based on the principles that have been developed over years and any practice that is a deviation from the principles is considered unethical. The challenge in today’s journalism is that journalist themselves or bloggers and other social media users…

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