Essay on Should We Need The Right Choice?

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We live in a world where we are threatened by war and physical harm, but we do not give any thought towards the threats inside our body. The majority of parents give their children vaccinations to avoid the harm that diseases and illnesses cause, but there are still those that have doubts and concerns. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is one of the pro-vaccination parents as he posted a photo of his daughter getting her vaccine. Unfortunately, this incited a heated debate in the comments under the photo over whether or not Zuckerberg is making the right choice, or anyone for that matter, vaccinating his child. This irrational fear of vaccinations is believed to have possibly originated from an inaccurate experiment on vaccines by Andrew Wakefield (Photo of Mark). Even with all this controversy, parents should heavily weigh all the factors and risks that are present and vaccinate their child.
A common misconception that vaccines cause diseases and illnesses, such as autism, has been proven wrong over and over again, yet we still find vaccine protestors, or “anti-vaxxers,” that use this as a valid excuse. A former doctor by the name of Andrew Wakefield is quite possibly the man to blame for this ill-based perception on vaccines. In fact, by the late 1930’s many doctors were looked at with rose-colored glasses and considered heroes. Vaccine opposition was at an all-time low until 1998 when Wakefield’s experiment was published. His study, that has now been disproved,…

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