Essay about Should We Keep The Room Clean?

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The behavior that is question and that wants to be modified is the cleaning of a room and how to get them to do it without constantly being asked to do it or own their own accord. The first thing to ponder is organization. Since everything should have its own place and be easy to clean and keep clean with minimal effort, what would be the easiest way to go about it? Another question is how to get the conversation started without seeming as if they are constantly being asked the same question over and over. What can be used to make it bonding and fun experience for both? How can this experience be shaped to ensure that the room will be kept in a clean fashion after the bonding experience has ended? Will some sort of reward be given or offered to remind them to keep it clean? What will happen if they don’t keep it clean? What actions will take place if there are numerous offenses for not keeping the room clean? In order to answer these questions about modifying their behavior and changing it in a way that makes it easier to deal with for everyone and makes it not seem as if a major adjustment has to happen for them to change, if they just take little small steps everyday those little changes will make it and easier adjustment for them and not such an issue down the line.
According to Chance (2009) especially when dealing with teenagers and their behaviors, operant conditioning is the process to start with to stop the unwanted behavior and get the desired results that…

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