Should We Keep Our Campus Setting Free Of Risk And Hazards? Essay

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When we think of safety we might attribute it to an environment that is free of risk and hazards. College and university campuses are reasonably safer than other zones in America. However, the atmosphere that the campuses are known for can change with the introduction of guns into school. Carrying concealed guns possess a risk to not only the students, but as well to the professors. If we want to keep our campus setting free of danger, we must not allow guns to enter the grounds in the first place. Protecting yourself from an intruder is a good argument to make for having guns on campus. Nevertheless, they are not needed when you are on the campus; people who are inexperienced with a gun can inflict on themselves or others a grave injury. Stopping a potential attacker with a concealed carry on might not all ways work. “The average student, professor, or staff member carrying a weapon is likely to be less accurate, substantially raising the odds of more innocent victims” (E1). The quotation above also applies to another point to the opposing argument. An armed bystander having a weapon can be useful, only when that person has the proper education to wield and dispensing the bullets. Lets not forget that this person might also inflict a major wound on another civilian while firing.
The frame of mind for a pupil might not be stable to have the responsibility of having a weapon. “As noted in a 2007 report by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, there are four reasons…

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