Essay about Should We Go From Mass Consumerism?

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We accept rides from strangers, get random people to complete mundane tasks for us and allow people we’ve never met to stay in our homes. Indeed, the sharing economy – peer-to-peer transactions conducted via the Internet and smartphones has changed how people arrange car rides, find vacation, pick up their laundry and more . We no longer think it taboo to get into cars with strangers, request someone to pick up our groceries or share our personal property with people we’ve never met.
But how did we go from mass consumerism to the present day utopia of instant and shared access to almost everything we can think of? To arrive at this answer, we have to take a look at how our predecessors lived in the past.
History teaches us that humans began wandering around as nomads. We moved from one place to another, hunting prey and gathering fruit and nuts. Moving from one place to another meant that we carried as little as we could. This forced us to share whatever we had. It wasn’t practical to lug around all our material possessions as that was unsuitable with the nomadic lifestyle. With no money, no marketplace and no law, everything was conducted on a peer to peer level. This way of living was the first known form of the sharing economy.
However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the term “sharing economy” emerged. Resource depletion as well as the Great Recession was what allowed it to flourish as people were cutting back on expenditure and focusing on utilizing what they…

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