Should We Get Enough Sleep? Essay

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Americans will spend $15 billion dollars per year to help cure their sleep problems or even try to (Behrens and Rosen 461). According to Behrens and Rosen “Up to forty million Americans suffer from sleep disruptions that trigger serious health risks, which include cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression” (Behrens and Rosen 461). Not getting enough sleep (eight hours minimum) can cause a lot of problems in a teen’s life. Sometimes not all getting enough sleep can kill young adults. Young adults that are driving need to pay attention to if they are sleepy or not because if they are they need to pull over somewhere and get the rest they need. William Dement and Christopher Vaughan talk about a friend that had a bicycle race that had lasted for days and after the race he got some rest after the race at a lake and woke up to go home the next morning, the friend ended up going down a hill and crashing into someone else. When you are in sleep debt you have no choice but to pay it back even if it just a two hour nap you have to get the sleep you missed. Being in sleep debt can add up and to feel alert and ready to work during the day you need to get back that sleep you missed. Most people won’t go to sleep at 8p.m. that night and wake up at 5 p.m. that evening because there is an alert system we have that makes us wake up.
Teenagers don’t get the sleep they need because they are so busy with school work, jobs and families. Jane Brody, a writer for the New York…

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