Should We Eat More Than Vegetarian Diets? Essay

1596 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
Plant based diets or vegetarian diets are easier to follow these days, because of the bad treating for the animals and how these animals are having a hard life before they get butchered and served to the consumers. Regardless of how the animal cruelty factor is sickening, eating an animal’s meat that was treated this way may cause many different health problems to you or to your children, if it causes you a hereditary disease. Eating meat could harm the environment too. If somebody decided to raise animals in his land instead of growing crops, he will need to cut all the plants and the trees that already grew in his land just to keep the place suitable to raise animals. Also, livestock production impacts the planet in a huge bad way. There are many reasons to eat less and mostly plants as Michael Pollan recommended. This controversial topic has many different conceptions in virtue, utilitarian, biblical perspective. (thesis statement for this and each paragraph) (which one is the perfect one and why )
Being a virtue ethicist means to do the good things with an internal motivation not only for doing the right thing, but also for loving what is right. Most virtue ethicist take their inspiration from Aristotle and Plato who declared that virtue ethicist is a person who has the perfect traits. From Plato’s perspective a virtue ethicist should function in three different levels, and each of these levels correspond to different activities. For instance, the lowest function of a…

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