Should We Donate Organs? Essays

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will not donate organs. So, others that do believe in donating organs should donate in order to make up for the decrease in available donors.
Further, investigated by Randhawa and others, the results showed that no particular religion was against organ donation. Some belief groups gave their opinions on organ donation, “there is no objection to Baha’is either donating their organs or receiving donated organs. Hinduism has always supported organ donation. There is no particular Jewish position on organs” (Randhawa et al. 746). Many other responses were made by a variety of different belief holders. Although, it has been stated that there is diversity in the Islamic community. Some of the selected Muslims supported organ donation while others forbid organ donation. This shows that there are discrepancies in religious views. Therefore, if one belongs to the Islamic religion, then this could influence his/her decision to donate organs. Organ donation is said to be forbidden because “when an organ has been removed from the body it is deemed to be impure. Secondly, because of the honour and dignity that is due to man” (Randhawa et al. 747). Although, the medical procedure of organ transplantation is relatively new. This causes little reference to the idea within religious views. Thus, the only position on organ donation can be based off interpretation of religious texts. Overall, the broad spectrum of opinion on organ transplantation within each faith and belief group it is…

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