Essay on Should We Didn 't At Homework?

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Should We Say Goodbye to Homework? Kindergartener Kade Moser walked off of the bus after his first day of school. He thought: “Wow, that wasn’t awful. A school day isn’t that long.” But little did he know, sitting in his bag was pages of math problems and alphabet practice. The sad thing is, it never got any easier. To this day, Kade is still dealing with the struggle of homework. On a normal school night, his family will be in the basement hanging out while he is upstairs working on his endless homework. And this isn’t just a problem for him. Students across the world are being bombarded by homework. There is an easy solution to this problem. Schools should ban or greatly minimize homework because it creates stress for students and parents, homework isn’t typically engaging, and students need time for other activities. Studies have shown that an overload of homework can and will stress a student out. Countless students will easily become stressed, even emotional, about the loads of homework that they are assigned. Washington Post author Gerald LeTendre reports that too much homework caused sleep disruption, which in turn causes high stress levels and even a negative impact on health (LeTendre). If schools insist on giving homework, they should take it to an extreme minimum because the time that homework is taking from sleep is negatively impacting student performance in schools. Students also feel stressed because they can’t understand some of their…

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