Should We Conduct A Study Using People, They Must Get Permission From The Participants?

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wants to conduct a study using people, they must get permission from the participants. Obtaining this permission is important because it ensures that participants will be informed regarding the purpose of the project, the procedures, the duration, the risks and benefits, the commitment to confidentiality, the use of the findings and results, and how to resign from the study if desired. Informed consent is critical to the efficacy of the study because it gives the researcher an opportunity to ask other clarifying questions that might affect the results. Researchers need to ensure that participants’ psychological reasonableness has not been impaired by severe mental illness, drinking or drugs, emotional distress, and other factors that might skew final results. Informed consent is a significant ethical principle that gives credibility to the study and the researcher. The consent form is a confirmation of understanding and agreement to participate in the study by the participant,
Privacy and Confidentiality Privacy and confidentiality is another ethical principle in which the identities of the people and organizations participating in the study is kept secret. Privacy and confidentiality have the same concepts but they are not the same. Privacy protects the participants’ information while confidentiality ensures the participant that their information is safe. Maintaining the privacy of research study participants is the primary way that scientists adhere to the do no…

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