Should We Carry Guns On College Campuses? Essay

1522 Words Apr 7th, 2015 null Page
In the course of my research the question arises “Should anyone be able to carry guns on college campuses?” (Zalneraitis, 2011-2012). As the years go by violence lingers, especially on school campuses from elementary to universities. And the fascination with guns by children, teenagers and young adults has instigated a considerable amount of schools to place a zero-tolerance policy for anything declared as a weapon, such as guns, knives, screwdrivers, etc. into place. These schools have even installed metal detectors to assist in keeping students safe. Not a single person needs to be persuaded that crime remains an extremely serious problem in the United States (Wiseman, 2011). It is everywhere, but then again the most troubling is when somebody walks into a school, whether grade school or a university and uses a gun to torment and murder innocent children, young adults, and faculty.
There has been dreadful school shootings throughout the years, even with the school shootings, several citizens remain sure that students and faculty should be permitted to carry on campuses. These citizens believe students and faculty might have a chance to protect themselves if they are allowed to carry. In my research I discovered that there are two organizations that support and rally for concealed carry on college campuses, they are the National Rifle Association and Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Even though the National Rifle Association is a non-profit organization and their…

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