Should We Be Taught On Environmental Sustainability? Essay example

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Education plays well in any aspects of business, society and community. Without education, we are ignorant. People can educate themselves through reading and research but a more formal education is always an edge. However, topics are taught and tackled, level by level and not all at once. Just like how and when sex education is done, a question arise on when should students be taught on environmental sustainability. While some groups suggest that it should be touched in higher education, others think that it should start as early as possible.

We have always said that education and awareness is top priority in sustainability. So, when do we begin? Who are we going to educate? Should it start with primary schools? In today’s advancements in technology, children have lacked the time to go outdoors and encounter the environment, encounter nature. The term nature deficit disorder has been defined by Louv (2008 p. 36), “The human cost of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illness”. Louv, (2008), continues to explain that this disorder can change the behaviour of people, crime rates, depression and other social issues. Children of today are now having this deficiency.

It is clearly important for children to interact with the environment and adapt with it during the learning process. “Being in the environment students are encouraged to experience and appreciate the…

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