Essay about Should We Be Living The Past?

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Should we be living the past? Students at the Princeton University challenged to change the name of the building called “Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs” on their campus. The students believe that Woodrow Wilson 's past should be seen as a lack of leadership, poor attempt in uniting the nations, and harmed the United States as president instead of helping. Woodrow Wilson was known for one of the worst and most destructive president ever and I agree that he is. I believed that he should be removed from the campus building in Princeton University for his misvision of his actions, his selfishness, his untruthfulness, and his lack of leadership. He harmed the United States more than he helped. He starts the beginning of a new war and a new world order which broke the laws of the past that other presidents wrote and stated. In the chapter 6 in “Major Problems in American History, Volume 2: Since 1865”, by: Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman there’s documents and essays about Wilson Woodrow as president. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president who started World War 1. When Germany used U- boats (Undersea boats) to attack Britain but instead used on U.S. merchant and trade boats which killed many Americans and sunk many boats startled Wilson to allied with Britain and participate in the war against Germany. Wilson planned to join the war with Britain but Britain also was the reason why U.S. ships sunk. Britain bombed U.S. ships first but Wilson still decides to form…

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