Should We Be Kept On Life Support? Essay

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Kept on Life Support
In discussion of life support, many question if people should be kept on life support. In one controversial issue is that in some occasions some people should not be on life support. On one hand, everybody is human in that they want to live, so they should have the right to be kept on life support. On the other hand, some may disagree with others because if they are hurting then they should not be on life support and should be able to leave this place. People should not be kept on life support just because they will have machines hooked up them and they will just be in pain with all of the medications that they are going in their body.
Some relatives want to have their loved ones with them in the infirmary, but is it worth it? Many people may agree with other while others may disagree, but people should take in consideration of other beliefs and thoughts. People should not discriminate or criticize others for their way of thinking.
For instinct my uncle was in the hospital for two months and during those two months he was doing good, but it came down to one day that he just passed away and the doctors wanted to revive him that way he could still be with us. But my aunt didn’t want to because we didn’t want him to be in pain, plus his choice was not to be hooked up on machines if anything happened to him. Life support is where you have technology treatments involved with your life, when we have an emergency with our life, when someone’s organ fails or…

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