Should We Be A Free College Tuition? Essay examples

1813 Words Nov 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Nothing should be changed to solve the situation between schools that consist of mostly minorities that have low graduation rates, however there are some plans that could be implemented such as free college tuition. The racial situation at these schools are not unconstitutional, because what really causes schools in bad areas to have the majority of racial minorities go there is the fact that people who make an extremely low amount of money a year all end up staying in the same area. Sadly those people consist of racial minorities making America look like it is oppressing the minorities, which in a way it is. Racial minorities statistically live in poorer areas that in correlation have schools that equally aren’t as good. While White people tend to live in the nicer areas where the schools are often better funded and kids live a much better life. The only way to change that is to completely restructure our government in a way that all races would equally share the same social class. This sadly will never happen just because the world isn’t fair; let’s be real, we can’t live in a utopia. The closest immediate thing we could do to achieve this is to implement communism so everyone is equal, but I doubt anyone wants to do that. Making that argument this leads me to my next point, we just need to be patient with the current system we have. The U.S is currently trying to change the schooling systems so that minorities will do just as well as whites and eventually there will…

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