Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed Essay

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Should We Allow Genetic Engineering?
Genetic engineering has many positives and negatives. The technology used to modify organisms has agricultural medical, industrial and environmental applications. DNA was discovered in 1950’s it wasn 't until the early 1970’s scientist figured how to engineer genes. It could be used to prevent diseases and create new ways to even alter the process of a disease formation before we’re even born. The study of coded proteins or genes bring out advancements in medicine and bioengineering. Thanks to genetic engineering we can look forward to disease prevention, treatment , and a better quality of life. Genetic research may also determine specific genes that contribute to hereditary disease. Genetic engineering
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There is 85% of soy and 40% of corn is GM. Food packages are are not required to be labeled as GM foods. With an increasing populations theres is massive 3rd world hunger. We’ve created modified crops are resistant to damage done by insects due to pesticides. Most genetically modified organisms aid in agriculture. It is the most common stated benefit are the effects of food crops and yields The ultimate benefit of GMO and GE in Agriculture is to lower the costs of food, and as well as make the plants more resistant to what natural given plants are more sensitive to. For examples pests,insects temperature change and lack of water. WIth this occurring the crops themselves make larger production. Because it has been easier to grow. With plants being genetically modified there is less use of pesticides. SInce GM plants are more resistant there will be less deforestation. This would also decrease global warming because oxygen in the in the environment is increased decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide. British economist say there is a significant contribution to greenhouse gases by a lot. There would be new products introduced to the public. Which would also long laster on shelves in stores. Thus making more profits. We have impacted nature in such a negative way. WIth pollution from factories to deforestation for our own benefits. GMO’s would shrink our environmental footprint. GM crops will cause

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