Essay on Should Vending Machines Be Turned Off During The Day?

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Should Vending Machines be Turned off during the School Day?
Many schools nowadays turn off their vending machines during the school day to prevent students from eating fattening foods. In California and Hawaii, state legislators are very close to passing a law that would ban any drinks excluding milk, water or juice from being sold in elementary schools, and reduce the hours older students can use the vending machines. Michelle Obama and the Obama Administration have asked Congress to improve children's nutrition by getting rid of school vending machines that provide students with sugary snacks and drinks. The problem with this is school’s are making an extravagant amount of money off feeding their students with artificial flavoring and
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Doing this would definitely teach awareness and responsibility among the students. President Obama gave full authority to the USDA to regulate all foods in schools, including vending machines. But does he honestly believe regulating what students can eat for seven hours of the day will solve the obesity epidemic? Students will still bring as much fattening food to school as they wish. Also, after school the children will have full access to whatever they please. Limiting students on what they can and cannot eat at school is not the problem solver in the obesity epidemic. The only real way to solve this epidemic is to show the real dangers of GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavoring, etc on the human body. The schools that do sell sugary snacks and drinks aren’t willing to reduce their hours or cut out these foods. They make too much revenue to shut vending machines down. As this profit does go towards the school, it’s free money to them and the students are their customers. It’s said that 80% on public schools nowadays have contracts with Coke or Pepsi. It’s very disgusting to think that schools know what these drinks and snacks are doing to their students, but they’re are naive to the fact considering they’re getting paid out. All in all, school’s are supposed to be a safe environment and they are feeding children cancer causing ingredients. They don’t want to spread

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