Should Vaccines Be Required

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In recent discussions of whether vaccines should be required, a controversial issue has been whether the vaccines have more risks than benefits. On the one hand, some argue that parents should have a choice whether or not they vaccinate their children. From the perspective of this movement, they try to avoid the adverse effects of vaccines thinking that it is a healthier alternative. On the other hand, however, others argue there are not severe side effects of getting vaccinated and then the parents end up exposing their children to diseases that could be easily prevented with the required vaccines. In the words of one of this views supporters, “After all, the risk of getting autism from a vaccine is none and the risk of suffering and death from vaccine-preventable outbreaks is small but some” (Picciuto). …show more content…
In sum, then, the issue is whether vaccines should be required or if parents should have the choice. My own view is that vaccinations should be required because diseases are returning and they could be easily avoided. Though I concede that there will always be doubts and skepticism about vaccines, I still maintain that it is in the best interest of future generations that vaccines are required. For example, to enroll your children in school they need to have all the recommended shots and not allow personal beliefs to encourage exemption. Although some might object that vaccines have more risks and cause more grief, I reply that vaccines have diminished the chances of getting diseases like rubella, diphtheria, smallpox, polio, and other diseases. The issue is important because as this rising number of people against vaccinations being so easily exempted could be linked to the revival of diseases that were considered low risk in

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