Should University Be Free? Essay

1047 Words Oct 20th, 2014 5 Pages
University education should be accessible for everyone under the consideration that all education shell be charged with higher taxes for all Canadian citizens.

Over the number of years, the number of students that have been attending university and have been said whether or not the student shell pay for the full cost that university has to offer. There have been large amounts of arguments for both the affirmative and opposing towards both sides of the option, whether or not university should be free. However, I believe that university education should be free.

It been recent said that making university free will encourage even more people to attend which will benefit their career as well as society. This is because more educated students create a better economy that will increase more productive in workforce. More than fifty percent of educated students mainly spend their time working for their part-time job whether than studying; this can mainly be because of unwanted debt that’s not included in the cost. A regular student would typically pay nearly twenty eight thousand dollars that does not include interest. We as Canadian citizens pay tax to help our country. MacLean, J. (2012) four reasons why university education should be free. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 18 September 2014] clearly states “It is reasonable to ask whether it is more helpful to the population of Canada to spend tax revenues paid by Canadian…

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