Should Universities Should Require Every Student To Take A Foreign Language?

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Universities Should Require Every Student to Take a Foreign Language
Nowadays, English is one of the most important languages across the world. We can see that it is one off the most famous language spoken in many countries. Learning a new language can be beneficial for many person who want be successful in his or her career. Learning a new language gives the learner the capacity to step inside the mind and the context of another culture. Universities should require every student to take a foreign language because it can benefits for their future.
There are people who say that learning another language can take time and also can be a waste of time. However, learning another language can also help the communication between people from different
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Also learning a foreign language can be a waste of time because the student can take so many times to learn that language and he will not have time to focus on things that are important to him or her. People may say that if they do not have any reason to travel to any country, so why they should be required to learn a foreign language?
According to Amorey Gethin, Erik V. Gunnemark, there is no proof that individuals have showed signs of improvement at learning language in the last thirty or forty years, in spite all the new hypotheses, tools and techniques that have been produced.
In any case, we have to look that there are most likely a few people who might never have the capacity to learn a foreign language easily.
Although we can 't constrain somebody to do things that they do want to do, we can motivate him or her with the advantages that they can have learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language can give you the chance to have a better job in many different countries. You can work with many companies in other
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For example, imagine if you received a suggestion or proposal to work with a foreign company but this company needs you to have some knowledge about the language, so if you do not know anything about their language you can loose this big opportunity.
According to Trimnell, Edward, a study directed by the British House of Lords in 2005 observed that poor foreign language abilities in Britain have started to influence the country 's financial performance (10). So, it means that a lack of foreign language can be a problem for the economy in your country.

It is very important to learn a foreign language in a changing society because with all this changes across the world we can see that we are getting involved with different cultures and people.
According to Alvarez-Sandoval, Emanuel, from the earliest of the time, man has been not able to communicate with people groups from different countries except by realizing one another 's language and cultures. So, as a student we can see that it can be very complicated to communicate with peoples from different countries if we do not know or if we do not have any knowledge about their language and culture.
To sum up, sometime in the past every one of the people groups of the world talked one

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