Should Uae Go Nuclear Essay example

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Should U.A.E. go Nuclear
Power plants are in excessive need as we approach an elite era of scientific and economic escalation in the U.A.E. The electrical power in the U.A.E. is produced through power plants. The power plants utilize the following methods to produce energy: gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. The Power plants currently do a good job in producing energy for the needs of the country but sometimes we reach that limit. Let’s take Dubai for example, with all the skyscrapers and technological advancements, it requires more energy day by day. We can see DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) power stations everywhere where we drive in Dubai. They consume massive amount of land to be able to support Dubai electrical energy
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Moreover, blackouts have occurred several times due fuel shortages. “Electricity consumption in 2010 is estimated at 85.2 billion kilowatt hours (kWh), 8.5 percent higher than in 2009.” (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2014) And in turn increased the net imports of natural gas which affects the economy negatively. The fuel to power ratio is rather poor too in comparison to nuclear plants. According to data presented by EIA, 618 million barrels of oil and 2853 billion cubic feet of natural gas was need to produce 82 billion kilowatt hours of energy. (2014) What matters most is sustainability, non-renewable energy sources such as from the hydrocarbons used in power plants are to run out one day. Using this resource to power plants which could be powered by an alternative fuel is unreasonable. It reduces the government’s top natural resources and consequently the reserve ratio is lower and so is the export. Additionally, hydrocarbon combustion produces greenhouse gases which are damaging e environment.
The U.A.E. is going to have two nuclear reactors each generating 1,400-megawatt on line by 2017 and two more by 2020 (EIA, 2014). “By far the dominant cost for a typical nuclear power plant is that of constructing the facility itself.” (Deinert, 2013) The U.A.E. will have to spend 20 Billion to set up the facilities. The fuel that nuclear power plants use, Uranium, is of abundance in the nature and only small

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