Should The Zoo Keep Room On The First Floor By The Pottery Class?

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Who knows about the Zoo Keeping room on the first floor by the pottery class? Everyone believes that the Zoo room is a fine room; that it needs more animals, but the only concern is, is that the room has dangers to it, and is not safe at all. I have a proposal of what we need and can possibly do to make this room safer and more efficient.
Current Situation
• Safety o Evacuation Plan
 When I asked fellow classmates about our evacuation plan for the animals; I was told how we are to just grab and go. I see this not only being stressful, but also hectic and chaos. You are asking to take animals, throw them into their assigned boxes, then expect them to hurry out the door. First thing, no one in their right mind is going to stop and worry about animals; cruel truth, but a person’s mindset is usually where they worry about themselves first. Second, students can and/or could get hurt. This is because kids will be pushing, running, and shoving others out. Third, you are not only stressing out the animal, but this could also be a health risk. All the animals are locked away, only the teachers; three at most, and work studies have the keys to access the exhibits. Then you have to find all the right containers, put the animal in the right container, and then push through a door way. This evacuation plan has never been tested out, nor given a second thought.

o Escape doors/windows
 The only escape is a single door way. The room has no windows or secondary doors to go through. This…

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