Should The Year Olds Be Allowed? Essay

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Voting Age

Would you let sixteen year olds have the capability to decide who the next president is going to be? Well teens have not always been allowed to vote for a long time until there was an Amendment change to the Constitution. We changed the 26th Amendment allowing eighteen year olds to vote compared to originally twenty-one year olds to vote. They changed the Amendment because in 1971 President Franklin D. Roosevelt thought that if you were old enough to fight in World War 2 then you should be allowed to vote. People argue that sixteen year olds should also be allowed to vote because they are mature enough but others think not so much. On one side of the debate it is often argued that people believe sixteen year olds should be allowed to vote. Sixteen year olds should absolutely not be able to vote because they’re not interested in politics, too immature, and changing the voting age would be require big changes.

Today’s teens are known to be uninterested in politics, and some of the reasons they are uninterested is, that they do not care about politics because it does not affect them, teenagers simply do not know about politics, and teens have been raised in the age of social media. The first reason that researchers do not think teens are interested in politics is that teens do not care about politics because it does not affect them. For example, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a cognitive neuroscientist from University College London, UK has done research on why…

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