Should The Word Be Banned Completely? Essay

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However, there is an opportunity for others to explain why this word should be banned completely. One reason for that, is because it ignores and underestimates history of racial abuse. It is clear to everyone that the “N” word carries clear historical significance both good and bad. It was said by Caucasians to insult African-Americans and legitimized abuse that also dehumanized many people in their lifestyle, opportunities, word and education and children. But to them by banning use of the “N” word completely will cause the harm of people actually forgetting the significance of the word as a tool of domination. This would result in the long run as something seen as purely in the past, despite the difficulties African-Americans face today. The “N” word usage today, in a humorous meaning or otherwise wouldn’t make it easier to forget the history of abuse suffered by African Americans in for centuries, and neither would flipping it over to the amusing side as well, which would upstart protest against using the word. Using the word may be recognized as offensive, the distasteful and forbidden surrounding meaning won’t disappear, as has been the case with other race and sexuality specific insults in the past. If the offensive material behind the remark isn’t removed, then the hard work of establishing the concept of equality and positivity will be ignored, which would hold African-Americans being associated with a word that can only have negative connotations backed up through…

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