Should The War Outweigh The Costs? Essay

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Iraq War:
Have the benefits of the war outweighed the costs?
The Iraq war is a touchy subject not a lot of people to talk about it, saying it has been eleven years and we are still over there fighting. Some people think it is necessary for us to be over there and some think otherwise, but the main contributing factor to that decision of us going over there and fighting is U.S. Congress and The President, and they decided for us to go off to war. Since 2003 we have been over there, and we are still over there many lives have been lost in this war, and many lives are still continuing to be lost. Another factor is we are in debt, we have spent a lot of money on this war and we are still over there and continuing to lose money, the costs we have taken from this war have been a great deal on us with the lives lost and the money lost. According to a poll done in 2013 a majority of Americans did not the think the war in Iraq was worth it. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during his confirmation meeting “that the war in Iraq was fundamentally bad, and a dangerous decision since the Vietnam War”. Representative for the Defence of Arizona, Raul Grijalva said “that the legacy of this is always going to be a mistake, it was pre-emptive, it was not based on real information, and the whole struggle could 've been handled differently” (Juul). Another pole was done in 2014 and the same results were found. Most Americans did not think the war was worth it, they also did not think that we…

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