Should The United States Of America Not Legalize Gay Marriage?

1844 Words Apr 1st, 2015 null Page
Why would the United States of America not legalize gay marriage? This controversial, hot topic can be disputed either way simply by using specific logic corresponding to a position’s standpoint. In most cases, the key supporting details to compare and contrast opinions are children and religion. How obvious right? Who would want lesbians or gays raising a child? On the other hand, who would want a child growing up in an abusive environment with both a mother and a father as parents? According to religion, or conservative’s idea as religion, marrying or simply romantically associating with another individual of the same sex is forbidden. Whether this is true or not, the Constitution highly emphasizes freedom of religion in the First Amendment. With diverse ethnicities and races in our society, not every single American citizen practices similar beliefs. Perhaps homosexuals fully believe they are not causing any spiritual harm to themselves or to the public. Taking this idea in mind, there is a possibility to create a happy medium where same-sex couples can unite and conservatives can remain good disciples to the Lord they pray to. In the end, both sides must negotiate toward a common ground so each opposing viewpoint receives some respect. Nationwide legalization of civil unions for homosexuals should be enacted in all states because after so many years of living together, couples may gain the rights of each-others assets even under diverse arguments. First, is marrying…

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