Should The United States Be Allowed To Own Exotic Pets

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Some people believe they should be allowed to own exotic pets because they are able to adequately care for them. These people feel it is there right to keep such pets. Should people in the United States be allowed to own exotic pets such as burmese pythons, tigers, and monkeys?

Be able to have exotic animals in the U.S.A My reason is that not all people like the basic animals that we can have today,so I think some people would like to have more animals to choose from something different instead of like a dog or a cat.Not all people like those animals and they might want a companion other then a dog or a cat to give the person comfort.Like a Wolf is my favorite animal I would love to have a baby Wolf so it grows up with me and knows me well
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Exotic animals can live up to more than 40 years,they don’t cause allergies, they are cheaper in the the long run,you don’t have to take them for walks either.The president Calvin Coolidge,owned lots of exotic pets and he allowed them in the U.S.A,and the famous painter Dali had lots of exotic pets to and he said that they show lots of creativity just like him.As small exotic animals grow in popularity as companion pets, there is an increased urgency to improve the standard of veterinary care, including with the provision of safe, evidence-based protocols for anesthesia and sedation. Nonetheless, to date much of the current practice of exotic animal anesthesia relies on anecdotal drug dosing recommendations and extrapolation from unrelated species. Anesthesia and sedation of pet non-domestic species is often necessary for both invasive and noninvasive procedures. Even

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