Essay on Should The State Fight For Legalized Pot?

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Returning to the archives for the final of two papers looking at incarceration, Norml files were interesting to review on December 15, 2016, when the state fight for legalized pot has successfully past and now legal in the state. The boxes had been taken down off the rack I was originally looking at so I grabbed a dew boxes and skimmed files that were most interesting. One file in my reviewing this third visit was the previous H.R Bill that went before the state house and senate failing to gain support for the different levels of pot legalization in the state. The file I pulled was started in 1990 when first major legislative attempts were made to change the state’s legal position of pot. One aspect of the elections for a t least the state of Ma Arizona and one other state pot legalization or decriminalization passed. For the state are newly voted upon policy changes took effect today. Interesting how quickly Umass was too make sure reminders concerning the effects of the new law changes in the state wont really affect college students living on campus who still have to abide by Federal Regulations and those with Federal scholarships and funding need to maintain a certain level of resistance or modification of life styles in order not to be at risk for loosing college funding. Looking back on the campaign leading up to where we are now is an interesting on the subject of pot. Making the trip back into the files today, without focusing on incarceration but a broader position…

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