Should The Second Amendment Be Handled? Essay

1274 Words Sep 28th, 2015 null Page
An astounding amount of issues today cause varying types of controversy -ranging from legalizing same sex marriage to determining whether the second amendment should be modified or removed for good. However, one issue that has been slowly causing more controversy is obesity. Obesity is a rising dispute because people are approaching different ways on taking action towards it, many disagree on whether obesity is a choice, and numerous people are questioning the accuracy of measuring obesity rates today. Everyone has a different method on how obesity should be handled. Some believe that the government should carry responsibility and take action to reduce obesity rates. In the article, “What You Eat Is Your Business,” by Radley Balko, he states that, “Sen. Joe Lieberman and Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, among others, have called for a ‘fat tax’ on high-calorie foods and congress is now considering menu-labeling legislation, which would force restaurants to send every menu item to the laboratory for nutritional testing.” People believe that it is the U.S government 's problem to fix obesity since it is occurring due to all the fast foods that are in America. While others claim that the consumer should take responsibility for being obese. In Radley Balko’s article he also states, “If policymakers want to fight obesity, they’ll halt the creeping socialization of medicine, and move to return individual Americans’ ownership of their own health and well-being back to individual…

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