Should The Minimum Wage Have Driven Politicians And The Working Class Apart For Years?

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The debate on whether we should or should not increase the minimum wage has driven politicians and the working class apart for years. Because each person has the right to their own opinion, we all carry conflicting outlooks. Before a decision is made there is certainly going to be many exchanges in opinions on what we will gain and what we will lose from an increase in the minimum wage. Minimum wage was always meant to be enough for people to survive off of, since the day it was established. In his 1938 address Franklin D. Roosevelt stated “no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. By "business" I mean the whole of commerce as well as the whole of industry; by workers I mean all workers, the white collar class as well as the men in overalls; and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level-I mean the wages of decent living.” If from the beginning it was meant to be a living wage, then why can’t people live off of it? Other states that have done it have seen the positive effects that it has. An article by NPR states that “New data by released by the Department of Labor shows that raising the minimum wage in some states does not appear to have had a negative impact on job growth.” These few states are now moving at a quicker pace and are quickly bringing in more jobs in the working class. Seeing as how many people are struggling and the state that our economy is in, it would…

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