Should The Mandatory Military Service Act Into Effect Immediately And Hope That It Is Not Too Late?

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Congress should pass the Mandatory Military Service Act into effect immediately and hope that it is not too late. The major issues for the average American are going to college, unemployment, infrastructure and personal health. These are the issues that the Mandatory Military Services Act will resolve immediately. The main reason many high school students decide not to attend college is financial funding.
Some students receive a loan from the bank to pay for school, but they are required to pay that loan back. Most of the loans have high interest rates and make it difficult to pay back. The G.I Bill allows students who service in the military to go to school and graduate with no debt. The law states that if Mandatory Military Service Act goes into effect in America, it would be immediately used for those men and women leaving high school so that generation would become debt free.
Becoming a debt free generation turns all generations after that into one of hope and opportunities to build the United States economic standards up also by having “spending money” it really would not be money in the pockets of citizens but money to buy free market goods unlike many communist country’s who have the Mandatory Military Services but lack the capitalist ideas for each citizens to feel the benefits.
Many other countries still force their civilian to serve some like Russian. It’s the only way to have somewhat of a life or have a voice in polities, some extreme example are North Korea…

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