Should The Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered? Essay

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Should the Legal Drinking Age be Lowered? More than half of United States citizens start drinking by age fourteen. An eighteen-year-old is an adult in the eyes of the law. They are able to vote, buy cigarettes, get married, and serve their country; the latter includes taking on the responsibilities of life and death. However, they are not legally allowed to drink alcohol. There has been much debate as to whether the legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to eighteen, some people argue that along with the other rights eighteen-year-olds are given, they should be able to consume alcohol. Others feel that individuals should refrain from alcohol use until age twenty-one as the aftermath may be disastrous. There are many solid arguments that support and oppose the current legal drinking age in the United States. Ultimately, research proves that lowering the legal drinking age has a negative effect on not only the individual, but also society, because there would be a huge surge in alcohol consumption and potentially dangerous related circumstances In 1984, congress raised the legal drinking age for all fifty states from eighteen to twenty-one in the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. Prior to the NMDAA, the legal drinking age ranged from eighteen to twenty-one in different states. "Because of this Act, 900 lives are saved on the road each year, according to data compiled from the National Highway…

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