Essay about Should The Government Raise Taxes On The Rich Or Not?

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Controversy abounds in American households from politics to personal preferences. Abortion has two distinct sides: pro-life and pro-choice. You either think it is completely wrong for the baby to be killed or you think it is acceptable depending on the circumstances of the situation. Another issue is, should the government raise taxes on the rich or not? Which side is correct? I do not think the government should raise taxes on the rich because they should not have to pay for the people who are just plain lazy. On the other hand, granted there are people who really cannot work, but the majority of people are lazy and choose not to work. I think the media does shape our society in the way gun violence is portrayed, what stories about border control are shared, and how racism is viewed.
Media shapes the way gun violence is portrayed. I remember on the 21st day of August in 2006 there was a shooting on the Huckleberry Trail. Corporal Eric Sutphin was killed by William Morva, who was fleeing from the police after escaping prison. Eric Sutphin left behind his wife and twin girls, who were nine years old. This event still effects them today, Emily and Rachel have grown up with no dad and his wife, Tamara, raised the kids on her own. William Morva was mentally ill and I think these people should not have access to guns. One way this could be handled is when you go to purchase a gun and have to get a background check could check to see if you are mentally ill. They could go about…

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