Essay about Should The Government Be Funding Space Exploration?

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Should the government be funding space exploration? What has come out of the United States space program and was it worth the investment? Does space exploration have to be government run, or are there alternative ways to explore the universe? It is questions like these that must be answered when determining the future of space exploration. Despite the dream of space exploration being a peaceful one, the U.S. space program only came about as a result of the cold war. The program improved the military capabilities of the nation, and also demonstrated its power. After the space race ended, the U.S. space program started to lose its funding. Space exploration is expensive, and with the arms race over, some people do not believe that space exploration is worth the money. Is space exploration something worth continuing, and are there ways to continue exploring without government funding?
Critics of space exploration believe that the government is wasting money on NASA, and that the agency has had no direct benefits for the people (“Space Exploration is a Waste of Money”). Space exploration can be expensive, and it is easy to understand why some people want that money to be spent on other important issues. This is especially true when the overspending of the U.S. government is considered (Farrar). The largest and most well known exploration missions in NASA history were the missions to the Moon. These missions were a part of the Apollo program and can serve as an…

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