Essay on Should The Genetic Modification Of Organisms Be Practiced?

1390 Words Mar 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Should the genetic modification of organisms be practiced in the United States? Over the past several decades, the practice of genetically modified organisms have developed to the point where one of the only sources of non-GMO products are grown in your own gardens. The concerns and negativities of these modified organisms are tipping the scale against the benefits. There are several reasons to support or oppose the practice of genetically modified organisms. However, no, I believe that the genetic modification of organisms should not be practiced in the United States.
My first reason against genetically modified organisms is that they are using stronger and more poisonous chemicals in their the process of their production. First, GMOs require powerful chemical fertilizers that are responsible for most of total emissions of nitrous oxide, and that is contributing to the world’s Global Warming. ‘GM crops use high amounts of fossil fuels through the production of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers’ (Maria Rodale, 2012). Another example of chemical use is started through the transfer of genes from the GM products. Genes from this group of organisms break free into the wild weed population, creating a new population of superweeds that have become resistant to all but very powerful chemicals. “‘In parts of the country, weeds resistant to the world 's most popular herbicide, glyphosate, now grow in the vast majority of soybean, cotton, and corn fields," many of which were planted…

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