Essay on Should The Drugs Be Banned?

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On the other side, we have those who are in support to allow drugs in sport. They will say that in our generation, every major success in sports has been achieved or related to doping. In their opinion, every new record in athletics, every three pointers in the last second of basketball playoffs or winning hail mary pass can be linked to some kind of performance enchasing substances. Proponents for allowing the use of performance-enhancing drugs base their support on reasons that it is difficult to catch users of performance enchasing substances, legalization would be safer for athletes and it would be cheaper and even beneficial monetary for an economy to legalize doping. One of their main arguments to legalize the drugs in sports is that is very difficult to catch cheaters. Top athletes take illegal stimulants under direct supervision of their physicians and whole teams of other specialists who are involved in conspiracy to achieve top results. That fact alone shows us that the problem of doping in sport is hard obstacle to overcome because the drug is in the hands of professionals who developed the anti-methods to the detection process of banned products. "There is no way to detect in the human body the newer generation of technology products. The athletes have advisors who know how to use these substances and avoid detection ... [and they] have supporters who get them the latest drugs before they are even on the market" (Wang). Manufactures of performance enhancing…

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