Should The Drinking Age Stop College Binge Drinking? Essay

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Drink Young, Drink Less: Would Lowering the Drinking Age Stop College Binge Drinking?
In the United States of America, an 18 year old may vote in national elections, enlist in the military, be tried as an adult in a court of law, and, in most states, purchase tobacco products; however, an 18 year old may not purchase or consume alcohol. Many people disagree with the raised drinking age and are fighting to lower the drinking age from 21 back to 18, however there are just as many people fighting to keep the drinking age at 21. It is well known that many underage citizens drink illegally, especially while living on college campuses, and that the amount of underage drinkers and binge drinking is increasing. Many college presidents feel that lowering the drinking age would allow for them to better control on-campus drinking and slow binge drinking, still, many others believe by increasing the penalties for underage drinking the epidemic will stop. I side with most college presidents in that a lower drinking age would allow for colleges to better monitor student drinking as well as dramatically lower the percentage of underage drinkers and binge drinkers, while a higher drinking age encourages binge drinking and makes it more difficult for colleges to prevent binge and underage drinking.
Binge drinking is and has been an epidemic for centuries, it is what killed Alexander the Great and what has killed countless college students. According the Centers for Disease Control and…

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