Should The Death Penalty Be Banned? Essay

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I claimed 1,188 prisoner 's execution style in the United States between the years 1977 and 2009. I work hard at my job, which includes five different ways for me to take their lives. Rhode Island was the first state to outlaw me in 1852, and since then everybody has been out to get me (Death Penalty Facts That May Surprise You). I am the death penalty, and I am becoming banned in states near you. Should the death penalty be banned or is it whats keeping this country in check for its hideous crimes against fellow man? In most states, the death penalty has been used to punish capital crimes; it has been used in cases of murder to kidnapping, and so forth. With some states handing down a death sentence, it has not deterred crime; therefore, leaving capital punishment as affective, but not right compared to my credence. The murderers could just live the rest of their days suffering in a state penitentiary. People who murder or do other awful crimes usually have deep-rooted problems within their own souls. Most of the time these people are suffering mentally from past experiences which makes it easier for them to consider taking a life or harming another person. It’s rare for someone just to kill because they can, unless they are impaired by drugs or other reasons. Looking for a way out of this world, there is considerable amount of weight on their shoulders leaving them exhausted of being in pain. So why give them what they want? When killing children and elderly, they…

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