Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished? Essays

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Pizza Pie

“There will be in recess while the jury deliberates, and then we’ll reconvene for the verdict.” Judge Salenger informed the people in the courtroom before turning to step down from his bench. And, with those words, here I wait. In just a short while I will find out if I’ll be spending the rest of my life in prison, or the even more likely the Mills County Physic Center. For me, the death penalty had been taken off the table on account that I’m only seventeen. My lawyer, Abraham Shultz, had pushed hard for juvenile status but the judge had denied it. I don’t think it would have helped much anyways. They never let people like me back out on the streets. Not after what I have done. I guess it all started about three years ago. I was just beginning my freshman year of high school. My classmates at the time were all beginning to divide themselves up into different social groups and cliques consisting of the cool kids and the rest of the losers. It was obvious right than that what group you landed in would ultimately decide your fate over the next four years. Well, I guess you probably have already figured out which side of the fence I was on, huh? I never really even had a chance from the get go. I had never been good at sports or could say I even ever had an interest in them. Nor, did I really like music, cars, drugs, or was really smart, which pretty much sums up the rest of the list of things that would score you a spot on team popular. So, for…

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