Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished? Essay

717 Words Feb 18th, 2016 3 Pages
Are you a liberal or a conservative? Many individuals choose their sides depending on what values they believe in. liberals have confidence in government taking action to succeed in equal opportunity, and equality for all the individuals. It is the duty of the government to care for civil liberties and individual human rights. For example, liberals think that the death penalty should be abolished because it is administered in a discriminatory way. On the other hand, conservatives rely on personal responsibility, inadequate government, free markets, customary American values and a strong national defense. They believe in the idea that the role of the government should provide the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. For example, conservatives think efforts to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country should be rejected because laws should be respected and the national border should be protected. Then again, both the conservatives and the liberals want the same things in life and that’s freedom, reduce the amount of people that are suffering, and crime free streets. An example of a website that is pro liberal is the; the website has an article that states “Two cool things buried in President Obamas budget, which Republicans aren’t even reading” First up, President Obamas budget would eliminate the federal tax exemption on the bonds cities and states sell to finance sports stadiums. That exemption allows cities and states to pay for stadiums…

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