Should The Board Have Given The Principal Free Rein Control The School?

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The Anonymous Letters
1. Should the board have given the principal free rein to control the school?
Principal Sitzer should not have been given free rein to control her school. While she stepped into her position and helped the short-term goal of making improvements at Our Lady of the Mission School and keeping the doors open, the long-term effects of her dictatorship and bureaucratic approach to her position might actually cost more to the school and faith community in the long run. As a Catholic school, it is a part of our mission to not only meet the needs of our students, but to also provide a leader to the faculty and staff that represents our Catholic faith with shared values and beliefs.
Mrs. Sitzer might have had strong management skills, but she lacked effective leadership skills. She abused her power by how she “ruled with an iron fist” and maintaining total control over her school and every decision made in and for her school. Principal Sitzer appeared to abuse her authority and according to Sergiovanni, “ leadership is not a right, but a responsibility” (p.7). It was her responsibility to lead her faith community and to do it as a “ spiritual leader responsible for building a community of faith with the school that is embedded in pastoral qualities” (p. 45). The school board, by not advising the principal or providing her with a framework for a management system that was more of a “participative model” (Owens, 2015, p.205), instead of a “exploitive-…

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