Should Teens Go For It? Essays

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High school students in United States are so common with having a job while they are also enrolled as a students. Some pros and cons have been discussed by Dennis McLellan in “Part-Time Work Ethic: Should Teens Go For it?” Some people may be concern about is it really helpful for the students itself? Is it going to help them in future? After reading the article I found that working is actually has some benefits for the students. It helps students to be more independent and also helps students to develop their skills which will be helpful for them in the future. However, having extra money in the age around 16-20 might lead to problems. They might use the money irresponsibly, as a result they will only waste the money they earn. But all in all, I think the benefits are more crucial and important while the disadvantage can be controlled.
I believe that working students will learn a lot of new skills, no matter what the job is. There is no job that is unchallenging. In all jobs, hard work is needed. Unlike the researcher said that working in unchallenging job like fast-food restaurant will only make students learn few new skills for their future. As a matter of fact I know a man that used to study in Australia and he worked at a coffee shop. After he graduated, he came back to Indonesia and made a coffee shop businesses in few cities in the country. And when I asked him where did you learn to make coffee? He said he used to work at a coffee shop while he was in university. My…

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