Should Teens Be Allowed For Purchase Contraceptives Without Parental Consent?

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Should Teens Be Allowed to Purchase Contraceptives Without Parental Consent? Three in ten teen American girls will get pregnant by the age of twenty which is approximately about 750,000 teen pregnancies every year, and one in four teens contract a sexually transmitted disease every year. With this being said there is a huge debate on whether teens should be allowed to purchase contraceptives without parental consent. Teens should be allowed to purchase these contraceptives due to the fact teens will continue to have sex with or without parental consent leading teens to put their health at risk, teens will turn to illegal options to receive them, and it helps people from low income families that can’t afford to go to a doctor to get them. Almost all teens that drink alcohol do without having parental consent. They take alcohol beverages from households of family, friends, or at parties. Underage drinkers who pay for alcohol can usually give money to someone else to buy it. Who is to assume teens won’t do the same for contraceptives? Whether it is stealing condoms from their parents, the store, or even asking friends of age maybe even strangers to go and purchase the product for them. Not using contraception causes an increase of sexually transmitted disease, and raises the pregnancy rates for teenagers. “Almost half of women in the United States have intercourse by the time they turn 18.” (Teens and Privacy, 2011) Which means half of the women in our country that are…

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